Corrugated Plastic Signs

The industry standard

Corrugated PlasticIf you are looking for a unique way to represent your cause, political candidate, or simply a promotional sale at your business that you'd like to share with passersby, then you should consider our corrugated plastic yard signs. Corrugated plastic yard signs are sturdier than plastic bag signs, but still offer an affordable way to promote your message outside.

"...represent your cause, political candidate, or a promotional sale at your business....without breaking the bank"

Some other types of signs are ill equipped to handle the rain, wind, and sunlight that they will be exposed to outside. Due to twin wall plastic sheet design, our corrugated plastic signs are definitely up to the task. This material is also able to stand up to oils and solvents and can be cleaned easily if mud or dirt is splashed on it.

Corrugated plastic yard signs can be used for a variety of different promotional purposes, including signage for special events, trade shows, outside menu boards and directional signs for weddings, garage sales or bar-be-ques. If you are planning an outdoor event or promotional campaign for your business that will catch people's eyes but won't break the bank, then you should consider purchasing corrugated plastic signs.

Corrugated plastic signs come in a variety of different background colors, as well as different printing ink colors. Just ask our staff about color options. Put in an order request today for the best price possible. Our Staff will gladly assist you if you have any questions related to our Corrugated Plastic Signs.

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